Zoot Music


Zoot Music is a collaborative sound design, aural art and composition based outfit lead by Nathan Haines and Jaimie Webster Haines.

We write and produce custom engineered compositions as well as curating elegant and tasteful playlists offering clients their own crafted, premium and unique sound identity.

We work with small boutique companies, large corporations, advertising and PR agencies as well as directors and producers, to deliver innovative high end sound solutions for both commercial use and for private events.

Collectively Zoot Music brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how to any event or application where music, art and creativity intercept.

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Nathan Haines is a versatile, talented and creative individual who knows how to tailor his art to a particular business or social context. We've had a long relationship with Nathan who has provided ambient music and performed live at a number of our events including the Cloudy Bay 30th Anniversary celebrations as well as writing and producing music for our promotional videos and supplying DJ mixes for our Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir Salon Events in London, Sydney, New York and Tokyo.

Ian Morden, Estate Director, Cloudy Bay Vineyards, Blenheim, New Zealand

Nathan Haines is an exceptionally gifted musician. I love to listen to him and particularly enjoy our sound-art collaborations.

Billy Apple, 17/04/20

“Having already worked with Jaimie, I decided to step things up a notch and commission Zoot Music to write original music for my opening show in 2019 for New Zealand Fashion Week. Nathan absolutely nailed it by writing and scoring music that was moody yet sophisticated and was the perfect contrast to my collection. I so love his work - it’s awesome!”

Turet Knuefermann, Designer

"With this double duo, not only do you get an incredible performance from two very talented individuals,
you get the most beautiful, unique, world class experience that will surprise and delight your audience"

Katie Fulton Xero Marketing Communications & Events Manager - NZ

“Launching the most expensive hotel suite in the country came with lofty expectations, and Jaimie and Nathan brought a layered, on-brand, eclectic and elevated set to the mix. Nathan’s trio kicked off proceedings, and later the DJ set featuring Nathan and Jaimie expertly weaved and adapted to the crowd to end on a packed dancefloor. Couldn’t recommend this dynamic duo more.”

Imogen O’Neill, Creative Director, Undertow Media

"Jaimie was FANTASTIC! She played a great set during dinner and drinks and really created a cool and sophisticated vibe for the evening. We would definitely recommend her!"

Olivia Manca, Event manager, Fait Accompli, London, United Kingdom

'Denizen Magazine employed the services of Mr&Mrs Haines for our inaugural Denizen Heroes event in 2016, with 450 guests in attendance. Nathan and Jaimie did an amazing job - their ability to read a crowd and building and softening the mood when the mood required it ensured our guests were thoroughly entertained, with many leaving the event raving about the music.'

Claire Sullivan, Publisher and Editor-in-chief, Denizen Magazine, New Zealand