We cater to a wide range of sound design services. Below are our services broken into specific categories. We can work with clients from small boutique companies, to large corporates, agencies, marketing directors, PR directors and more to deliver high end sound solutions for commercial use.

We customise sound outputs to cater to a wide range of markets and business needs, see below for the overview of our range of services and products

Nathan creating a composition
Original Compositions and Sound Design
Zoot Music will write original music to a supplied framework or brief for a large range of outputs including Product Launches/Brand Identity/TV advertising/ Showreels/Digital environments/Websites/Sound for Presentations and more.

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Jamie collating a playlist
Playlist Curation
We curate tasteful playlists for a range of commercial businesses. This can be for one-off events or we can offer regular playlist updates for Large Retail Spaces/Restaurants/Galleries/Hotels/Public Spaces/Airport Lounges/In-store Demo’s/Private Events.

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Zoot performing at a ball
Commercial and Private Events
We’ve crafted an array of event entertainment options for our clients. PR Companies and marketing managers are using Nathan and Jaimie as a DJ/live trio with added percussion or we can find the perfect music ensemble including full band line-ups, a stylish Jazz Quartet or individual DJ or artist bookings.

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Zoot in a client consultation
We’re collaborating with Artists, Art Galleries, Fashion Designers and Creatives to enhance their vision through sound. Writing original music for a specific occasion or assembling an innovative live line-up to convey a mood is where we offer something unique and memorable.

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  • Custom Compositions

    For all custom compositions it’s best we look at your brief and budget for sound as we can tailor our approach to your needs.

  • Private Events

    Events are based on two key components - equipment hire, and time required to play and/or provide ambience or background music. We have a range of options to solve your brief and we work closely to cover all areas.

  • Playlist Creations

    Playlist creations are an effective way to provide stylish sound and atmosphere for a variety of outcomes. This can often be a an economical way of servicing your audio needs.

  • Collaborations

    All collaborations have a budget. Send us your brief and we can provide an efficient solution that accommodates your budget.