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Here's what Zoot Music can offer you.

Nathan and Ruby
Recording, voice-overs, mixing and production
Our recording studio has a large collection of vintage microphones, analog synthesisers and high-end analog outboard gear to record, mix and produce musicians and artists. Here's our gear list:
Synthesisers/keyboards - Roland Jupiter 8, Sequential Circuits Prophet T8, ARP Odyssey (original white-face model), Oberheim Matrix 1000, Fender Rhodes Stage 73.
Microphones - Neumann M149, Stereo pair Neumann KM74 (vintage), Sennheiser 421 (vintage), Shure SM7 (vintage)
Outboard gear - Neumann 500 series stereo pair preamp/eq/compression, Stereo pair Buzz Audio 500 series preamps, Wes Audio_Dione bus compressor, Overstayer 8755DM stereo channel strip, UAD Apollo X16 converters, SSL X Desk

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Nathan creating a composition
Original Compositions and Sound Design
Zoot Music will write and produce original music to a supplied framework or brief for a large range of outputs including all digital platforms/brand identity/television advertising/showreels/websites/product launches and film.

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Jaimie DJ'ing
Commercial and Private Events
Zoot Music has a large stable of the best musicians, DJ’s and entertainers in New Zealand as well as collaborating with International artists on special projects. From packing out a dance floor with a DJ and added live instrumentation to supplying a high-end Jazz Quartet, we have a wealth of experience in finding the perfect musical fit.

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Jaimie in a client consultation
Creative Collaborations
We’re collaborating with Artists, Art Galleries, Fashion Designers and Creatives to enhance their vision through sound. Writing original music for a specific occasion or assembling an innovative live line-up to convey a mood is where we offer something unique and memorable.

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  • Zoot Music Recording Studios

    Whether it's mixing down your stems, producing an artist, or tracking via our analog synths and vintage mics, please get in touch

  • Original Compositions and Sound Design

    For all original compositions it’s best we look at your brief and budget for sound as we can tailor our approach to your needs.

  • Private Events

    Events are based on two key components - equipment hire, and time required to play and/or provide ambience or background music. We have a range of options to solve your brief and we work closely to cover all areas.

  • Collaborations

    All collaborations have a budget. Send us your brief and we can provide an efficient solution that accommodates your budget.