Zoot Music

About Us

Nathan Haines is an internationally acclaimed multi instrumentalist and crossover jazz musician with decades of experience as a producer, and recording and mix engineer. Over the last 30 + years Nathan has performed all over the world and is New Zealand's biggest and well known jazz artist.

Jaimie Webster Haines is a versatile and experienced DJ, and has brought her glamour and sophisticated sound to many high end events. Jaimie also runs her own clothing business and works with Nathan on events where the pair perform as a duo.

We work alongside our trusted top notch producers, mastering engineers, beatmakers and musicians and can tailor our output to our client's needs to deliver world class music.

Both Jaimie and Nathan are well versed in providing entertainment for high end events and we have a fantastic pool of DJ's, artists and musicians to draw from, as well as being able to supply high quality sound systems that sound great.